TITLE: Diagnosis of lumbar arachnoiditis by magnetic resonance imaging.
AUTHORS: Delamarter RB; Ross JS; Masaryk TJ; Modic MT Bohlman HH
ABSTRACT: Twenty-four cases of lumbar arachnoiditis were evaluated by magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. The morphologic changes of arachnoiditis by MR were compared in 20 cases with CT myelography (CTM) and plain film myelography (PFM). An abnormal configuration of nerve roots was seen by MR. Three anatomic groups were identified. Group 1 showed conglomerations of adherent nerve roots residing centrally within the thecal sac. Group 2 demonstrated nerve roots adherent peripherally to the meninges, giving rise to an "empty sac" appearance. Group 3 showed a soft tissue mass replacing the subarachnoid space. Magnetic resonance imaging resulted in accurate diagnosis, and had excellent correlation with CT myelography and plain film myelographic findings in the diagnosis of lumbar arachnoiditis.
SOURCE: Spine 1990 Apr;15(4):304-10